Cats vs Invisible Wall (ft. Chicken) | Kittisaurus

3 Apr 2020
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#Kittisaurus #Challenge
Kitties attacked on the middle of peaceful chicken dinner.
Could the kitties break the invisible wall again?
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  • lulu+ no food= lulu lulu+ extra food= brainiac

    NicoNicoVor 3 Tage
  • I shall say, like that some of the kitties are relatable to talking Lulu is our famous little Tom Lala with completely white fur and beautiful blue eyes is Angela Chairman momo is ginger Like it if you think it's TRUE..........

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  • 루루인대요..냠냠이 주때오

    정말 사랑스런루루는 까아아오옹하고 울어정말 사랑스런루루는 까아아오옹하고 울어Vor 4 Tage
  • How to drive your cats crazy? Step 1: Get chicken ...

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  • Lulu will do anything for food😂😂

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  • lulu is the most determinated to get the food

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  • Pls feed Lulu also okk

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  • Other cats: I haven’t unlocked that part of the map yet Lala and lulu: foot while it’s not food it has the ability to delete anything from the known universe sadly this does not work on other cats

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  • Why am i watching this when i am hungry.....

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  • Lulu and food ❤😂

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  • Lulu and food ❤😂

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  • Where there is food there is lulu

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  • 💛💖💖💙💙💜❤❤💜💙💚💙🧡💙💙💜💜❤❤💜💙💚💙💙💜💜❤❤🧡💙💚💜💜❤❤💜💙💙

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  • I feel like the cats and am offended for them XD Foooooood pls

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  • 𝚋𝚛𝚘 𝚜𝚝𝚘𝚙 𝚎𝚊𝚝𝚒𝚗𝚐 𝚒𝚝 𝚒𝚗𝚏𝚛𝚘𝚗𝚝 𝚘𝚏 ...... 𝙼𝙴?!?

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  • So funny 😂😂🤣

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  • Wait a sec why the cat want chicken O-o

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  • My cat recognizes the sound of the microwave. Darn, now I meant some fried chicken

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  • O que será que ela da de comer para eles, são muito lindos gordinhos!

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  • So funny it doesn't stop laughing:OvO

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  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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  • 1:35 Lulu: oh oh !sorry I hurt you

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  • What it ft. mean?

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  • Alguém imagina o tanto de merda que esse monte de gatos produz todos os dias? Aqui tenho um só e já acho merda demais pra recolher todos os dias.

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  • As a KFC employee, I approve this video!

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  • Even Cats have good taste!! Popeyes is way better!

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  • 🤤lulu is so hilarious 🤣

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  • Kfc can sponsor you now hahaha

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  • 루루는 코가 벌렁벌렁 거릴때가 귀여운 것 같네요.~🥨

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  • New friends for lulu

    i am Eimi am EimVor Monat
  • Trump : built a wall Lulu : hold my beer

    SamVikingsSamVikingsVor Monat
  • Now only I get to know that you are in china I thought u were an American

    asmath ullahasmath ullahVor Monat
  • Did you really that whole bucket of chicken or shared it the crew filming this?

    Van Hoc WongVan Hoc WongVor Monat
  • I cant tell if lala is coco or if coco is lala

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  • 루루야... 정말 그러다 비만되겠어... ㅋㅋ

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  • Well, shoot, now I’m craving some fried chicken, too!

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  • Soooooo cute

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  • 0:42 Hahahaa Lulu 😍😚😺❤

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  • I love lulu the brown cat

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  • lulu my favourite...

    Nidu AbidNidu AbidVor Monat
  • como assre ese gato a podido comer pollos kfc

    carlos salazarcarlos salazarVor Monat
  • 0:17 Lulu: I WANT IT

    bilal tausifbilal tausifVor Monat
  • *Turns into a kitty and tries to go for the chicken as well*

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  • what iz the in vizzble wallz

    Emil Wouter KapteinEmil Wouter KapteinVor Monat
  • Cats: fried chikon? OWO Wall: *exsists* Lulu: NOPE I'M GETTING THAT CHIKOOON

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  • To me here video are boring the crazy cat lady . Who cares about cats 🐈

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  • If only the kfc buckets came filled like that

    Magnus DiridianMagnus DiridianVor Monat
  • Who eats their chicken on the floor?

    Jack BendokminJack BendokminVor Monat
  • Is lulu a Scottish fold kitty

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  • DD is the croquetist and I don¨ t think he east chicken.

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  • Io

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  • 😂😂 Lulu is so cute

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  • Umm...... Girl nobody eats 🍗 with a fork

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  • 7 kitties = 8 chickens (the one is for human) 1 human = 1 chicken

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  • I don't blame them. I crave that original recipe!

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  • I’m fine I’m super fine just damaged a bit

    Chicken •Chicken •Vor Monat
    • Chicken • Okay 0.0

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  • 😂🤣😂🤣

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  • I've been watching your videos for a while and never see anybody talk about how Lala is as food-motivated as Lulu! I love how the invisible wall became nothing to them the second they noticed there was FOOD

    FjerilFjerilVor Monat
  • Everyone is talking about cats I was like :😯😯😯😯😯 Is that KFC???

    MZ DMZ DVor Monat
    • MZ Hi

      Chicken •Chicken •Vor Monat
  • Food: **exists** Lulu: SO YOU HAVE CHOSEN DEATH

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  • How would you find who is lala?and who is coco?🙄🙄

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  • 1:58

    Tianyu YangTianyu YangVor Monat
  • 0:56

    Tianyu YangTianyu YangVor Monat
  • 0:46

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  • 0:31

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  • 0:3

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  • lollllll

    Nicole BlanchetNicole BlanchetVor Monat
  • LuLu’s IQ increases significantly when the puzzle presented involves food.

    Verne McManly PecksVerne McManly PecksVor Monat
  • Oh Clare that’s just mean 😂

    Carol PaupstCarol PaupstVor Monat
  • Claire, can you Tell me what food is that one you gave in the end of vídeo? The white squares. Please! Thanks

    Luiz Felipe ZuchelliLuiz Felipe ZuchelliVor Monat
  • i love how this has less than 25x the orignal views

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  • When Lala takes the treat in her mouth 1:59

    Ziva ChanZiva ChanVor Monat
  • I thing Lulu can do anything for food he is so cute

    Rajeshwar NaoremRajeshwar NaoremVor Monat
  • 0:41 hello i am lulu may i come in? 1:15 lala - STOP i did not even have a bite

    kitta the cat and his friendskitta the cat and his friendsVor Monat
  • let there be walls, rivers, and earthquakes!!! lulu will still get da food lol

    Tim V110Tim V110Vor Monat
  • What type of breed is the first cat that went under the "invisible wall"? He or she is so cute

    foxy gamingfoxy gamingVor Monat
  • Why does the chicken look so good🤤

    Beyblade ManiacBeyblade ManiacVor Monat
  • I can’t believe South Korea has a KFCs 😂

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  • Lulu: you savage you ate my chicken

    raven dark heartraven dark heartVor 2 Monate
  • Kitties love kernel

    raven dark heartraven dark heartVor 2 Monate
  • 루루는 42초에서부터 45초 때까지 가 가장귀여워요

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  • lolol!!! This is great!!

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  • the kfc is really yummy but i cant eat because its lockdown

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  • Other cats:Hmm what are we doing today Claire Lulu: Operation Food has started

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  • 나도치키인

    _ Lactuca_sativa_ Lactuca_sativaVor 2 Monate
  • How come when i go to a KFC they never give me the bucket like yours?

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  • Coool

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  • LuLu is a brat, but very adorable and lovely one. 💕💕

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  • Lulu The best ❤️

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  • lulu is the best 😂❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🙀

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  • I love this channel❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍😍😍

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  • Don't give the cats KFC it's the unhealthiest food ever. Alright now I want KFC... look what you make me do..

    Cereal & WhiskyCereal & WhiskyVor 2 Monate
  • When the cat took a bite of the plastic but it meant to bite the chicken

    Cicely CadeCicely CadeVor 2 Monate
  • aw come on!!! now you made me hungry :3

    Enrico VermeulenEnrico VermeulenVor 2 Monate
  • 1:47 Lulu looks like he gonna murder someone

    Generic NameGeneric NameVor 2 Monate
    • @Radha A.R yes

      Kendall Ruby JaneKendall Ruby JaneVor Monat
    • Lulu is a he

      Radha A.RRadha A.RVor Monat
    • Lulu is a male 😊

      Kendall Ruby JaneKendall Ruby JaneVor 2 Monate
  • 한쿡사뢈?

    Jin ParkJin ParkVor 2 Monate